Environmental Injustice and Indigenous Peoples

Based upon your readings, list 1-2 points relating to an act of environmental injustice felt by Indigenous Peoples. You can find a topic that relates to any of the cultures that exist across the globe. Summarize the issue and be sure explain if what is occurring can be described as an act of environmental racism. You can use an outside source or class readings to complete your posting. Cite all references. No duplication of points will be allowed so be sure to read all postings prior to making your submission.

A quick summary of what to include in this week’s assignment: (You will be offering a more in depth response)
Topic: Dakota Pipeline

Summary of injustice: A fight against a nearly 1,200-mile pipeline from the Bakken oil fields to Illinois, a fossil fuel project ultimately rejected by the Obama administration in the face of unrelenting opposition from environmentalists and landowners.

1-2 points of importance: an example of Native American leadership within the EJ Movement; focus on water protection; the process is not entirely over.

(Be sure to offer details to support your points of importance)

When responding back to a classmate, offer a possible solution.

I am interested in seeing how many of the cases chosen for this assignment relate back to big corporations, finances and greed. Race and socio-economic factors will be of importance when describing your topics!!

Have a great week.

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