english:(500-700 words) complete the prompt below

Your post should include:
A summary of the movie and commentary on major aspects of the film such as the historical context of the events, the major conflict between the French and the Algerians, the setting, etc.
A critical commentary on the film which should also include ideas from Jim Dingeman. “‘You Cannot Continually Inflict’: An Interview with Saadi Yacef.”
What sort of history does The Battle of Algiers introduce us to? From which point of view do you believe the events are related? What was the role of women in the struggle for independence? What does the movie say about the history of colonialism and how it affects ordinary people? What characterizes the struggle for independence? Do you agree with the fighting methods used both by the French and the Algerians? Violence is a prominent and disturbing aspect of the film and the struggle of independence; what sort of ethical and moral values does it raise?