ENG Comp Discussion 1

I also have our textbook at the library on main campus on reserve.
Post a paragraph response for: “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott (in your textbook)
Be sure to title your posts with a compelling question that your classmates may want to respond to.
Prompt: Many people find Anne Lamott accessible and easy to read. How do you think she accomplishes this feat in her writing?
Reflect on your own writing process. Describe your typical writing process. 200 words
Part 2
This reading is not in your textbook. Use the following link for this reading.
Read: “Ten Ways to Think about Writing: Metaphorical Musings” (Shelly Reid) If the link does not work for you, try logging into the library on your D2L Homepage, or google searching for the title, the author’s name, and pdf to find a version online. It should be widely available.
Prompt: Identify at least two sections that you found most relevant to you as you consider your writing history. Briefly discuss which section(s) you found most helpful (that will be a part of the way you might approach future writing projects) and which you found most surprising (a rule you thought was unbreakable that Reid challenged with an alternative idea). 200 words