ENC1101 most memorable/challenging, successful/etc. moments so far this semester.

To begin this essay, do some initial brainstorming. The following generative questions and activities are a good place to start:
What was your writing (and your perception of writing) like when you first began the semester?
How has your writing (and your perception of writing) changed?
Look over your previous assignments; what growth or development do you see?
What assignments have been the most challenging? Why? Which were the most rewarding or engaging? Why?
PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A 5-PARAGRAPH ESSAY. Instead, here are some organizational strategies you can use to develop this essay:
Use a standard academic structure that begins with an introduction, includes several body paragraphs, and ends with a conclusion.
Use an open-form narrative structure that builds chronologically from start to finish. Tell the story of your writing growth so far this semester.
Compose a set of vignettes–3 or more brief episodes or themes that work independently as well as together. These vignettes could explain or narrate the 3 (or 4) most memorable/challenging, successful/etc. moments so far this semester.
Your work will be graded using the following criteria:
50% – Follows all assignment guidelines set forth above and meets or exceeds the 500 word minimum.
10% – An original title, a properly-formatted header in the upper right corner, and a complete 4-line heading on the left side of the page
10% – First line indentation at the start of each new paragraph (press the tab key once before typing)
20% – Double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font from start to end with no extra spaces bet. paragraphs
10% – Includes the total word count, not including the header or title, on its own line at the end of your paper