Advice (PPL) on the law relating to the said proposals for redundancies.

Your advise should include suggestions on how (PPL) may best manage the situation with a view to avoiding or minimising legal actions being taken against them. You must highlight difficulties with some of the proposals suggested by Tyler Pratt (citing relevant cases and statutes).

Your work should demonstrate “the best practice” for identifying which employees should be selected for redundancy and include a calculation for the redundancy payment each selected employee will receive.

You should give a detailed explanation, for choosing each employee for redundancy (if any)

My notes:
please read word assignment brief & use powerpoints as material to help
1st issue is advice on law relating to the said proposals for redundancy
next issue is how to best manage with a view to avoiding or minimising legal actions been taken against them
issue number three is highlight difficulties with some of the proposals suggested by Tyler Pratt (he cant be instructed an electrical engineer because he’s not experienced etc)

also mention about how he has two failed businesses and challenge his view about his work force being lazy

try and address protected characteristics, is there any reason we have 6 mechanical engineers? why is it 12 staff are within the ages of 30-49 when you could have more younger staff below the age of 22 that you can pay less

when selecting the 10 to make redundant avoid using terms such as flexibility, attitude to work or commitment as these are hard to quantify and can be seen as discriminatory towards certain groups, when using performance as a criteria make sure this is backed up by annual written performance reviews, also failure to follow a fair procedure in deciding selection criteria for redundancy is likely to result in a claim for unfair dismissal on the grounds of redundancy.

mention dispute resolution, compromise agreements,settlement agreements,wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal

mention section 2 section 4 equality rights act 2010 and any more acts relating to redundancy

also mention examples of case law relating to this, e.g such as jm land registry v benson [2012]

there needs to be at least 20 references, and references need to be oscola style

there is no word limit for this essay so the more written the better, im hoping to have 3000 words if possible

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