Embedding Role of the PNA (Professional Nurse Advocate) to support a sustainable workforce in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

Report Topic Title: “Benefits vs challenges of Embedding the PNA (Professional Nurse Advocate) role to support a sustainable workforce in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit).
As a Level 7 Masters Report, can you kindly include either of the following please.: Graphs/Diagrams/charts.
Also Kindly mention a bit on , “Workplace Discrimination: additional stressor for Internationally Educated Nurses” , and Covid <link is hidden> (PNA role will support to keep these nurses)
Kindly include the benefits but also the counter argument critical analysis of a piece of evidence.

The PNA is a new role introduced to nurses by NHS England to deploy the A-EQUIP MODEL to support nurses WELL BEING in particular during this tough times with COVID and hope to roll it out even after COVID.

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