Electoral Systems





The World Policy Institute site hosts a range of information on different and competing electoral systems around the world: http://www.worldpolicy.org/democracy-and-electoral-systems.


1) What are the different types of electoral systems that states can choose?

2) How does that choice affect other aspects of government, including the number of parties in the system, the efficiency of the system, the representativeness of the legislature, and the stability of government?

3) Is one system “better” than the other? Why or why not?

4) Why might a country choose to become a parliamentary system rather than a presidential?   What types of countries do you think are more predisposed to becoming a presidential system?


Discussion responses should demonstrate an understanding and analysis of the assigned materials. You should reference the assigned material in your response (demonstrating connections between your thoughts and the course resources). Each posting to the discussion board (including responses to classmates) should be about 200 words. Each post should have minimum 4 references.


Discussion Guidelines: Expectations and Standards


– To achieve this grade the student must display superior performance in his/her course work. This includes demonstrating the ability to process and comprehend complex ideas, and to be able to convey those ideas to others in a clear, intelligent manner. An “A” student will go beyond simple requirements and seek to excel in his/her preparation for and presentation of assigned work. He/she will demonstrate excellence in communication skills and the ability to contextualize material. He/she will complete all discussion responses with clear and detailed arguments, supported factually and empirically, and cited appropriately in text.


The sources can include your textbook, news articles, peer-reviewed articles, books, governmental websites, institutional websites, etc. (Wikipedia does not qualify as any of those sources!) All citations must be in APA format.



Note: You need to write total 3 posts of about 200 words each. Post 1 (due March 22) will be your response to the above-mentioned assignment and the other two posts (post 2, 3 due March 24) will be responses to my classmates posts which I will provide you later. Make sure to use APA 7 format.


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