Education Should Be Aimed at Memorizing Information

This is an argument paper, and believe it or not, this type of writing, argumentation/persuasion, is the most common kind of writing you will engage in, particularly in the workplace. “Position papers” in business are argument essays that explore and research particular corporate or industrial strategies or methods or products, then come down either in favor of or opposed to the matter at hand. Argumentation, at its heart, is the careful, detailed, well-researched presentation of an opinion that you have reached after strong deliberation on all sides of the issue.

That said, let’s move further into a discussion on argumentation/persuasion AND Rogerian argumentation.

Any argumentation/persuasion (argumentation appeals to the head with facts, stats, and logic; persuasion appeals to the emotions with careful word choices and appropriate tone) essay must have the following:

A strong introduction in which you place your thesis statement containing your view on the issue.
A summary of the issue at hand– What exactly is it? How are its terms defined? Most importantly, why is it an issue?
A point-by-point discussion of the opposing sides’ arguments.
Your point-by-point rebuttal of those arguments.
A point-by-point discussion of your viewpoint in which you show the correctness of your opinion.
A strong conclusion that looks to the future of the issue and/or proposes a solution to the issue. If you propose a solution, this will not be your concluding paragraph, as you will need more paragraphs to explain your proposal (don’t shy away from this!).
But, you say, didn’t you tell us that we are to argue to win? Yes, I did. However, we didn’t go into detail regarding Rogerian Argumentation, a type of argumentation/persuasion based on compromise. Rogerian Argumentation says that we must know ALL sides of an issue first, then go from perceiving it as an “issue” to be argued to perceiving it as a “problem” needing a solution. It’s all in how you frame it. We argue issues, but we SOLVE problems without the anger and heat that comes from arguing. All sides are respected and considered in the solution. All sides will not be completely happy, but everyone is to get something he/she wants– it’s definitely “win-win.” See? You still win.
As usual, WP #3 will adhere to MLA format and will require that you identify two (2) sources in support of the selected topic and two (2) sources that are opposed to the controversial topic– FOUR (4) sources total will be on your “Works Cited” page. The sources will need to be academic and scholarly, not popular sources. You’ll be expected to evaluate and critically select reliable, credible sources based on your learning in preparation for the paper. Two of your sources can be obtained from the ////// library’s databases (found on the “Library” tab of your My///// Space page), but if you choose not to use library resources, all four sources must come from credible Internet sites. Your final WP #3 will be 5-6 pages in length, including the “Works Cited” page in which you list your sources.