Do you believe AIDS/HIV was something spread by the gay community or the government?

For this project you have the freedom to explore any writer or time period/movement covered in this class. I encourage you to revisit your journals for ideas. The topic must be focused with a specific thesis. No more than 20% of the essay should be quotes and paraphrasing. The focus must be on your own ideas, analysis, reactions to the writer or literature.
We will share topic ideas in the discussion board this week.
6-8 double spaced page
Cite all sources in MLA Format. A works cited page and corresponding intext citations are required.
A minimum of three scholarly sources from the APUS library.
A clear and focused thesis.
Well written and proofread.
No more than 20% of the essay should be quotes or paraphrasing from sources.
Write a short outline of the major points you will cover (how you will support your thesis).Write the outline in outline format. Include a topic sentence and 2-3 points you will cover in each body paragraph.
Identify 3 scholarly sources (cite in MLA format) and explain how these sources will support your thesis.