Do black children get diagnosed with ADD less than their non-black counterparts?

From the syllabus
Students will write a 5-page scholarly literature review in which they summarize and synthesize past and current research on a topic and question of interest to them. Students will turn in a draft of Paper 1 on Canvas by Friday 11:59pm of Week 4 and a final version of Paper 1 on Canvas by Friday 11:59pm of Week 5.
Required components
Building on their work in lab, students will develop and write an integrated summary and synthesis of prior research on a research topic and question of interest to them. Students should therefore:
Clearly introduce their research topic and question, including:
A brief statement on their motivation(s)
Identify and define their key concepts and propositions of interest.
Review (i.e. summarize and synthesize in a logical and integrated way) pertinent theories and models, research approaches and designs, key findings and conclusions, etc. that are relevant to their research topic/question. In short, what is the current state of knowledge about the research topic and question? What is currently established? What is not?
Do not simply summarize each book/article that you read one at a time (e.g., “Jones et al. (2010) found that ___. Smith et al. (2015) found that ___.”).
Do think about and use larger umbrella categories that might be used to organize the various books/articles you’ve read. Mason (2012) does a great job of this, BTW.
Follow these formatting requirements:
Do not include a separate title page. Simply put your name at the top left of the first page.
12 point, Times New Roman font.
Double-spaced, which means that new paragraphs start with an indentation (vs. extra space)
1” margins
Page numbers centered at the bottom of each page.
Include a bibliography/references page (the particular reference style is up to you).
5 pages total, excluding bibliography/references page.

Research question: Are black children under diagnosed with ADHD compared to their non-black counterparts?

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