Discussion: Transitions

Even though your prospectus is not yet approved, you are already transitioning into independent scholarship. In this Discussion, you will reflect on your transition to independent scholarship.
To Prepare:
Review the Learning Resources and Course Announcement.
Review the committee application and the Chair letter you wrote in HUMN 8550. Consider how you represented yourself and your goals. What did you learn during writing this application and letter? How can connecting with Faculty grow your network and help you transition into being an independent scholar?
Note that Discussions in the PhD program are areas for sharing ideas, reflecting on current research, and building community. Therefore, your grade and the evaluation of your Discussion will be based on the content and quality of your ideas. Note that APA style citations, references, and standard punctuation will not be assessed or graded. Please focus on shaping your ideas and supporting your claims with examples and research when applicable. Note that every course has its own standards and requirements, so it is important to always check those requirements for each course and each assignment.
Respond to all bullet points in the prompt.
Note that this Discussion requires you to respond over the course of 3 weeks.
By Day 4 of Week 7
Write a 300- to 400-word initial post:
Describe the strategies you will use to transition into being an independent scholar in HUMN 9000.
Explain your responsibility for communicating with your Chair as you become an independent scholar.