Discussion Topic: Senior Sex

But, why? Why are those
thoughts so troublesome for many of us? Students often report wanting
to have sex and intimacy in their later years, but find it hard to
accept that current older adults have these needs and desires as well.
This discussion will ask you to consider the beliefs underlying your
discomfort OR the beliefs underlying your comfort with sex throughout
older adulthood and how this impacts older adults’ sexual needs being
met. You must post before seeing other’s posts.
For your post (click the reply button below),
discuss your reaction to the content in the lecture. Were you
surprised? Happy? Uncomfortable? Horrified? Something else? Share
two ideas/facts that you learned this week and why you think they are
important for everyone to know. What questions do you have after
reading/viewing the course materials this week? Write about 11-12 sentence pararaphs