discussion SWOT matrix

You will practice the following skills: Problem-solving and analytical thinking skills by compiling information to propose alternative solutions; examining multiple points of view, defending your position by using evidence to support your position; you will also practice writing skills.
This activity corresponds with learning objective 3 of the lesson
Select a company that you are familiar with.
List two examples of Strengths and Opportunities (SO) within the organization.
Provide an example of SO strategy and explain how an internal strength can be matched with an external opportunity to create a strategy.
List two examples of Weaknesses and Threats (WT).
Provide an example WT strategy and explain how an internal weakness can be matched with an external threat to create a strategy.
See examples provided on pages 167-169 of your textbook on how to construct SO and WT strategies. Make sure to show which strength and which opportunity were a match. For example, (S1, O1); (W1, T1).