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After watching this video discuss why planting more seagrass is a good or bad idea.
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Brian Parrott
Planting more sea grass would be a good idea. “Seagrass describes a family of plants that live in the ocean” and there are many different types (0:06). There are eel, paddle, and turtle grass and they are flowering plants. This is because it could help reverse global warming. One of the simple reasons the video pointed out for global warming is that there is too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen in the air. Because of this, the ocean is more acidic and the seagrass produces a lot of oxygen. This would help decrease the amount of acidity in the ocean. I thought it was interesting that seagrass is called the “lungs of the sea” so planting this can be very beneficial. It is said that one tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen each year (0:49). Planting seagrass would be beneficial because it can grow in temperatures up to 86 degrees, which is great because the ocean water temperatures keep increasing. They can survive in hot and cold waters. Seagrass also helps coral to grow in the ocean. Planting seagrass in clean waters is important and will help restore them. With more oxygen being produced by the seagrass, the marine life will be able to thrive. Seagrass provide food and a place for sea life to live for animals like shrimp, crab, turtles, and manatees.
Robert Alfaro
1. After watching the video, I started to realize how seagrass is a fundamental quality not only for the ocean’s water but for marine life as well. seagrass helps improve the water’s quality and reduces erosion, One question that may come to mind to some people is “would if there is too much seagrass?”. The ocean covers 71% of our earth, leaving us with 29% of land. I believe that since the ocean is so large and vast, marine life can benefit from seagrass. Although it is no surprise that humanity is causing seagrass to diminish from our agriculture etc. Since seagrass helps our ocean and it is deteriorating, we should take more care of the seagrass environments. Seagrass provides more oxygen than any other terrestrial plant and provides natural habitats for marine life. Seagrass is a vital component for the sea.