Discussion: Federalism

The framers of the Constitution created a federal system of government – established, in part, by Amendment X (Links to an external site.). At the beginning of the American Republic, the locus of power was vested in the individual states. Over the years, the size, scope and power of the federal/national government has expanded exponentially. The following video does an excellent job explaining “Federalism”:

For this Discussion, please address the following…
1). What does “American Federalism” mean to you, as a citizen of the United States?
2). At this time in history, does the national government, state government or local government have a more direct, influential impact on American society and your daily life – for better or worse? Or, has a more “cooperative” approach been more impactful overall – per “cooperative federalism” (Links to an external site.). Provide a thoughtful, detailed rationale for your response, citing at least one specific issue or policy area as an example (such as our government’s collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic).
This video discusses how states and local governments are increasing the minimum wage (very important to millions of working Americans and their families), an action Congress has not taken since 2009: