Discussion: Connecting Theory 1

Professional athletes practice in order to perform as well as they do during game time. Your work as a professional and a doctoral student is similar, although without the audience of spectators! It is important to practice applying and using theory so that you are able to do so professionally and as part of your doctoral study. In this Discussion, you will explore the effect of looking at a human services scenario through the lens of a theory.
To Prepare
Review the Learning Resources and Course Announcement.
Access the Scenarios for the Week 7 Discussion Forum and choose a scenario that interests you.
Choose one of the theories in the Learning Resources and consider how using that theory in your scenario would impact your response to that scenario. What would you focus on? What support would you recommend?
Note that Discussions in the doctoral-level Human Services programs are areas for sharing ideas, reflecting on current research, and building community. Therefore, your grade, and the evaluation of your Discussion, will be based on the content and quality of your ideas. Note that APA style citations, references, and standard punctuation will not be assessed or graded. As a human services professional and doctoral student, you should always maintain a professional and academic tone. Please focus on shaping your ideas and supporting your claims with examples and research when applicable. However, every course has its own standards and requirements, so it is important to always check those requirements for each course and each assignment.
Respond to all bullet points in the prompt.
By Day 4
Briefly summarize your chosen scenario and define your chosen theory.
Use the theory in your chosen scenario as a foundation for responding to the scenario by answering some of the following:What strategies might you use based on this theory?
How does the theory inform your practice with this family?
How would you engage with the family in the scenario?
What would you avoid/encourage when working with individuals in the scenario based on the theoretical lens?
What does the theory reveal about the dynamics of the family?

Conclude by explaining how the theory in your chosen scenario relates to that scenario overall.