Discussion Board 4 History

Please answer the following questions in at least 300 words minimum:
1) How did the French and Indian War affect Native people, according to the video?
2) How did the US emerge as a nation based on this week’s PowerPoint Lecture? What connections to our previous materials and/or our key terms do you notice?
3) How was the US Constitution based on the Iroquois Great Law, and how did the “Founding Fathers ignore the Clan Mothers,” according to the article? Please use examples from the article to support your response.
4) What was the historical context of the excerpt from Thomas Jefferson’s “Notes on the State of Virginia”? How does Jefferson depict Native Americans to his intended audience? What are the audience’s views of Native Americans based on the time period, and what is Jefferson trying to convince his audience of? How might Jefferson’s views be both problematic and progressive for his time? How does this excerpt connect to our other materials this week? Please use examples from Jefferson’s text to support your response.
5) Lastly, please reflect on your overall thoughts/reactions/connections to what you learned this week. What information was new to you, or what resonated with you most?
The needed sources are attached and here is the video link