Discuss your use, past and present, of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs (150 words max)

the school I am applying to is christian school. I haven’t use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs in my life and I don’t believe that the temporary happy feeling they give us is any how beneficial to us. And I wanted to include that in my answer but don’t know how. I also want to make sure that what I have written so far is good. And please check for any errors, in the paragraph, grammar, and punctuation. Maximum word count is 150 words. Thank you!
This is what I have written so far:
I have never used alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, and I am not planning on using them in the future. I believe that our bodies are gifts from God, and we have to protect them and keep them healthy all the time. God gave us our bodies to use to do his work. By keeping them healthy and preventing any poisonous materials from entering our bodies, we get the ability and energy to do God’s will. Using alcohol, drugs, and tobacco has no benefit; it destroys our bodies and affects our overall health. As Christian, taking care of our bodies is taking care of where the Holy Spirit resides.