Did the Union win the war, or did the Confederacy lose it?

For this essay, you will write a lesson plan for an AP (Advanced Placement) US History course.
Lesson plans are an outline designed to help the instructor and the school organize what is taught
in the classroom. AP classes are designed to instruct high school students according to a collegestyle curriculum. Therefore, your target demographic will be high school upperclassmen, who
are generally motivated and do well in their coursework. The students in this imagined class use
our textbook, the Major Problems book.
The lesson plan should be no less than 1500 words, and it in you will address the following
question: Did the Union win the war, or did the Confederacy lose it?
Your lesson plan must include these sections
Objectives: What you want students to know at the end of the lesson. This section is
where you will place your position (the answer to the question above). As you will see from the
examples, excellent lesson plans have arguments/positions/thesis statements.
Context: Why answering this question is relevant or interesting for students to learn.
Narrative: How you will teach your position to you, students. In other words, this is the
section you describe your support for the argument you choose. To accomplish your objective,
you should use what we’ve read in the textbook together.
Scholarly Resources: Primary and secondary sources that illustrate and support
your position, as stated in the objectives. For this assignment, use two essays from Major
Problems from chapters five, six, seven, eight, and nine and four primary source
documents from the Major Problems book from chapters five, six, seven, eight, and nine.
These sources should be highlighted, explained, and used as evidence. In a lesson plan
format, it is crucial that you explain the context (the background, author, audience) of
primary sources and why you, as a teacher, are using them. For secondary sources, it is
essential to mention the source’s thesis and why it supports your own.
Please follow the writing guide for how to cite any material you use in the assignment.
Here is a link you should follow to see examples of AP style lesson plans:

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