Diabetes and Exercise to Improve Glucose Control

Select intervention or prevention strategies related to diabetes and exercise (primary, secondary or tertiary) from credible, expert groups that will be used to address health risks/behaviors/issues in the target population (Elders 56-80 year olds). (Can include cardiovascular and obesity but must include diabetes and exercise.)

Describe the intervention and specifically how the intervention will be used with the target population.
Discuss how the intervention(s) was selected to effectively meet the identified needs and characteristics of the target population (Elders 56-80 year olds).
Describe how the interventions align with national initiatives (including but not limited to these).

Review these initiatives to guide development of the project.
• Healthy People 2020 <link is hidden> /> • CDC 6/18 Initiative <link is hidden> /> • HI-5 Interventions <link is hidden> /> • Million Hearts 2022 Initiative <link is hidden> /> • Other CDC National Health Initiatives <link is hidden> />
Evidence-based interventions are selected from credible, national level sources and based upon effective evidence based practice.
Strategies are appropriate to the population (56-80 year olds) and/or health issue (Diabetes and exercise) and clearly and specifically identify how the evidence-based interventions will be used in a service learning project.

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