Deliverable 4 – Corporate Art Collection Proposal

Your workplace has built a parking deck. The ground level is unusable for cars due to clearance issues. The company you work for recently heard that it can receive tax breaks if it invests in an art collection, so they have decided to turn the unusable first level of the parking deck into an art museum. You have been asked to spearhead this initiative.
Create a proposal for a corporate art collection. Be sure your proposal answers the following questions:
What type of work will you select? Include an exceedingly description.
Why is this type of art a good investment for your particular company? Include a rationale.
What is the budget? Include the total cost with details for corporate art collection.
What other expenses will be associated with the management of this art collection? List the details with costs.
What other external resources will you use to offset this budget? List the details of the resources