Death and Dying

Research Paper (This paper is worth 100 points)For this paper students are expected to research an American social issue or problem using a Sociological lens, develop a thesis and present a strong well-balanced paper that discusses the issue selected while supporting the thesis statement. All arguments presented or points made should be supported with evidence from academic sources. Make sure your topic is not too broad, as this will distract from the main purpose of your paper. You will be required to apply what you have learned from this course into your paper. For example, you are required to use one sociological perspective and 3 social concepts in your paper. Be sure you have fulfilled all the requirements on the paper check list before you submit your paper.
Research Paper Check ListAPA Format is used (proper page headings, citation format and cover page)6 – 10 pages (This does not include cover page, reference/ bibliography page or reflection section)Cover page (the tile of the paper, student’s name, instructor’s name, name of class, date — all information is centered). In addition,the cover page and entire paper must have proper page headings in APA format _ There is an introduction and thesis statement as well as a body and conclusion to this paper. The conclusion should restate the main points addressed within the body of the paper. There should not be any extra spaces between paragraphs or subheadings within the body of the paper.Underline, Identify, define and explain the sociological perspective used within the body of your paper. Be sure to define theperspective and show how the perspective selected supports at least one of your main points._ All key terms must be defined, and the source of the definition(s) must be properly cited and formatted in APA style3 Sociological concepts must be used. Be sure to underline the concepts used, define each concept and show how eachconcept isrelated to the main points being presented.Wikipedia or any internet source related to Wikipedia, YouTube videos,Dictionaries or Encyclopedias was not used as a sourcewithin the body of this paperThe Paper has at least 4 main points that are supportive of the thesis statement. The main points are clearly explained, outlined, cohesive and supported by academic/reliable research.At least 80% of this paper must be in your own words. You shouldparaphrase research found using your own words and cite the source of the information. The paper should be written using your own words but rich with in-text citation. Academic research findings must be used to support your main points.Used 6 academic/credible Research Sources (The research used should not be entirely web based–maximum of 2 websites) Sources used are properly cited and documented (in the body of the paper and on the reference page).Proper Parenthetical documentation (when used). Quotes consisting of 4 lines or more must be properly formatted.12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, Double space, Paper is free from grammatical errorsIndent paragraphs (Do not quadruple space between paragraphs). Make sure to take out the extra space between paragraphsBibliography/Reference page (properly documented)Application/Reflection Section on a separate page – what did I learn from this research? This is not part of the 6-10-pagerequirement. This is an additional page.Acceptable research materials include books, newspaper articles, documentaries, and journal articles. Keep non-academic Internet sources to a minimum. 90% of research should come from academic sources. Points will be deducted for using non-academic sources. Papers are expected to be typed, double space, with 12-point font and written in the APA style.