Dat/210. 6.23.1: LAB: Python insert/update sqlite3 datafiles 0 / 10

23 LAB: Python insert/update sqlite3 datafilesGiven is a Python program that connects to a sqlite database and has one table called writers with two columnns:
name – the name of a writer
num – the number of works the writer has written
The writers table originally has the following data:
name, num
Jane Austen,6
Charles Dickens,20
Ernest Hemingway,9
Jack Kerouac,22
F. Scott Fitzgerald,8
Mary Shelley,7
Charlotte Bronte,5
Mark Twain,11
Agatha Christie,73
Ian Flemming,14
J.K. Rowling,14
Stephen King,54
Oscar Wilde,1
Update the Python program to ask the user if they want to update entries or add new entries. If the name entered already exists in the writers table then the database record is updated, overwriting the original contents. If the name does not exist in the writers table, then add a new record with the writer’s name and number of works. The following TODO sections must be completed.
Check if a writer exists in the writers table
If the writer exists in the table, locate an entry to be updated by writer’s name and update the writer’s value for num
If the writer does not exist in the table, add a new entry in the writers table and provide the value for name and num
Ex: If the input is:
J.K. Rowling
Elton John
The output is:
(ID, Name, Num)
(1, ‘Jane Austen’, 6)
(2, ‘Charles Dickens’, 20)
(3, ‘Ernest Hemingway’, 9)
(4, ‘Jack Kerouac’, 22)
(5, ‘F. Scott Fitzgerald’, 8)
(6, ‘Mary Shelley’, 7)
(7, ‘Charlotte Bronte’, 5)
(8, ‘Mark Twain’, 11)
(9, ‘Agatha Christie’, 73)
(10, ‘Ian Flemming’, 14)
(11, ‘J.K. Rowling’, 30)
(12, ‘Stephen King’, 54)
(13, ‘Oscar Wilde’, 1)
(14, ‘Elton John’, 62)