Dance Question

What stands out?
What is the role of dance/performance in the article?
What else?
Article list
This first article reminds me of something Rennie Harris said in the hip-hop video. Dancers don’t always get credit for what they have brought to the American dance scene. This has been happening overtime. I think Rennie mentions George Balanchine and Bob Fosse because they were both innovators in their fields (contemporary ballet and jazz), but they never credited the Africanist Aesthetics (and specific movements) that led to their work being “new” and innovative. Take a look at how these Chicago dancers bring attention to this dance!
‘It Taunts the Eye’: Footwork’s Fast Moves Loom Over Chicago (Links to an external site.)
The second article brings up the important aspect of dance in the movie “In the Heights”.
Community Dance Emerges as the Star of In the Heights (Links to an external site.)
The third article offers a theory behind “blackface minstrelsy” that as a descendant of Irish immigrants I was troubled but interested to read. Some of us had never heard of blackface minstrelsy and many of us were shocked and troubled to read the definition. For those who completed the discussion, thank you for sharing your thoughts around this topic. This article offeres more context to get a sense as to why this may have occurred.
CW / The article shares a history in theatrical performance that is disturbing.
‘Reasserting white power’: behind the psychosis that gave rise to blackface
Part 2
Dancing: Dance at the Court (Links to an external site.)
1. Compare and contrast two of the court dances from the video: France, Ghana, Indonesia, and Japan were the focus.
2. Name the dances or the court where the dances were performed.
3. Describe the actual movement in each dance as you compare and contrast the two. In other words: what does the movement look like?
4. The length of your response will be between 1 and 3 paragraphs long (between 1/2 and 1 full typed page).
You can view the video by typing: shayashi1
Part 3
After watching this week’s video ‘Dance at the Court’ and writing about two of the court dances, share here something that stood out to you.
1. Reply to the question: What stood out to you?
2. Reply to someone else’s post.
Post: Something that stood out to me was the fact that court dancing was mainly for noble people. It would determine where you stood in the high archy. Court dancing was to show the king that you are elegant and rich. Court dance was to impress the king.