Current Issue Opinion Paper

i would like you to access my temple portal to gather any classroom discussion/powerpoints/lectures, to help develop and back up your opinion.

you go to the left and click canvas and then go on the left bar again and go to courses and select law and eithics and on the home pages are weeks 1-15 and all different lectures/powerpoints etc. to choose from. this is important as the points go towards pulling stuff from what i learned in class.


The purpose of this assignment is to develop a position on a current issue in the sport and

recreation industry. Students will individually choose a topic of interest that:

  1. Sits at the intersection of sport/rec and law,
  2. “Occurred”* within the past 6 months

Students will write an op-ed that integrates course knowledge in developing their opinion. Op-eds are written to be accessible by the public, so studentsshould write theirpaper not like a professor is grading it(even though it will be evaluated). Therefore,this paper is atrue test of demonstrating if studentscan translate legalese into accessiblelanguagefor sport professionals. The tone should be a more “buttoned up” version of a positionone might take in a debate with friends and that draws on factsinbuildingtheargument. Students will need to integrate outside knowledge to develop a background of the issue, but should not use APA to cite sources. Rather, studentscan embed links in the text that links directly to the source material

–see example below.

Former UCONN and WNBA star, Swin Cash said it best in a video posted by The Players Tribunein 2015: “I’m for allwomen; not just a few, and not just the ones that look pretty on camera.”

Paper is 600 – 800 words

-No spelling/grammatical mistakes

  • All source material is linked in the text
  • Accessible language (AKA no legalese)
  • Topic meets requirements
  • Sufficient background is included to

set basis of position/opinion

  • Opinion is well developed

**********************************Course knowledge is integrated throughout paper


NOTE: You’re not being evaluated on if I agree with you or not. Take any position – just back it up!

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