Current Event Analysis

Please read and analyze the attached WSJ article and write a 2-page double spaced paper according to the attached rubric and instructions. Use these headings for each section of the essay:
I. Introduction: This is 3 paragraphs
1. In your own words, provide a one paragraph summary of key points of the article.
2. List and provide definitions of terms or concepts critical to understanding the key points of the article.

II. Environment:
Explain which components of the external environment are relevant to the situation discussed in the article. Pay special attention to the competitive environment and issues bearing on competitive advantage.

III. Marketing Mix Variables
Explain the relevance of the strategy elements (Target Market and Marketing Mix) and especially changes in the strategy elements dictated by the situation discussed in the article.

IV. Lessons Learned
What lessons do you learn from reading this current event as a marketer?

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