CRJ – Final

It’s time to put all of you hard work together into a research proposal. Remember that your proposal is not simply a cut and paste of your previous work. You need to organize your writing, connect the pieces and make sure that they all work together, and add a conclusion. Your proposal must be a minimum of 10 pages in length. If you have taken the developmental assignments seriously you will have no trouble creating a proposal of this length! The final proposal must contain the following elements:Introduction and research question (around 2 pages)Literature review (around 2 pages)Sample population (around 2 pages)Research method (around 2 pages)Evaluation method Conclusion.

Try to succinctly sum up what you have already learned, what you hope to learn through your research, and why it is important that your research be conducted.I will conclude this section with a few ideas on how things work outside of the academic environment. When you work for any organization the people at the top of the chain of command have limited time and attention to devote to anything. If you are able to present them with a research proposal (or policy proposal, or budget proposal, etc.) you have to make them instantly interested in your work. It is highly likely that the manager in question will look at your introduction, and if it doesn’t grab their attention then they will go no further.

If they like what they see then they’ll flip to the conclusion. If they like the conclusion they’ll hand off the proposal to an underling to review the detail sections in the middle. In a very real sense this means that your introduction and conclusion are the most important things in your proposal. Do not skimp on writing these sections!The number one mistake writers make is bias. Meaning, do not sway your paper or research selected to fit any particular bias you may have. Your readers will see the bias right away because it’s too perfect. So use the research that you have found, either supportive or non supportive and let the cards fall where there are.

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