Critical thinking and response

ANKLE DorsiflexionHIP FlexionSHOULDER FlexionY-BalanceReacha)Distance from toe to wall(L R)a)Position of ankle relative to leg (L R)a)Distance from fist to C7 (L R)a)3 reach distances (L R) relative to leg lengthb)Knee position relative to hip and foot (L R)b)Curvature of low back (L R)b)Shoulder position relative to ears (L R)b)Knee position relative to hip and foot (L R))
Would you use the same 4 tests listed above to assess the mobility and stability of the client below (choose one of the three)? You must state which client you chose and provide an articulate response to the question using your knowledge of kinesiology and the specific needs of the client.
Client A: Hoping to become a little more active, Bruno recently signed up for salsa lessons. He is also considering a new stretching routine to improve his RoM.
Client B: Reese McGuire is a catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. He knows that his RoMhas limited his performance on the field in the past and is looking for a change.
Client C: Arlene just turned 73. Having recently been cleared to exercise after undergoing a left knee replacement, she is excited (albeit a little nervous) to be active again.
Rubric: Response to question 3 describes why the tests chosen would or would not be appropriate for one of the clients listed. Reference is made to the objective(s) of the tests (2marks)and the needs of the client (2marks).