Criminal Justice

This is a Reaction Paper. I will receive two grades for this paper—the first grade will evaluate my ability to apply the theories that I’ve researched in the three cases. The second grade will evaluate my ability to develop an opinion statement based on these cases and then use facts and research to support or refute this statement. My paper must discuss the three examples of 12 and 13 year old juveniles charged with Murder. The first juvenile that should be talked about in the paper is Lionel Tate, the second juvenile is Eric Smith, and the third juvenile is Brayden Wright. All three of these juveniles killed another child, but each was treated very differently. Compare and contrast these cases, you may also include updated information. The first two pages of my paper should identify possible reasons for their delinquency. You should use the facts of each case and the various theories from the text to explain their behavior. The final three pages of my paper should develop an opinion statement that explains or addresses a common issue from the three cases.


– State your reaction. worth 20 points

– Support your position with the text or other research. Cite at least three sources.  worth 20 points

– Briefly discuss the opposing view and basis for it. worth 10 points

– State the strengths and weaknesses of your position. worth 25 points

– What are the implications of your position? worth 10 points

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