Develop a well-reasoned discussion on the criminal justice aspect of eyewitness identification. Also suggestions and recommendationss for appropriate interventions, policy changes, etc. as well as biblical support for your suggestions and recommendations.
Include an introduction that describes the purpose of the paper, the context of the discussion, and the central issues; also, address the central issues and use headings to clearly explain your points.. The paper needs to include the integration of sources to support your points and demonstrate your thinking through the complexities of the issues in discussion of the central issues and your recommendations. The paper should have a substantive conclusion that summarizes key the points.
INSTRUCTIONSThis assignment is to write a research paper on Eyewitnesses Identification and Testimony. The research paper shall be a minimum of 8 to 10 pages and must follow current APA guidelines. It must include 10–15 sources with at least 1 source being the Holy Bible and no more than two (2) books.