Corporate Cause Promotion

According to your textbook, a company should choose a Corporate Cause Promotion under the following six circumstances:
when a company has easy access to the target markets
when the cause can be connected and sustained by the company’s products
when the opportunity exists to contribute underutilized in-kind services
when employee involvement will get them excited to support the cause
when a company wants to limit its involvement and commitment to raising awareness
when there is a co-branding opportunity
Let’s consider some of the social issues we are learning about in light of this new lesson on CCP. Watch the following Hyatt Hotels short video that promotes its connection with the cause Clean the World Foundation and their cooperation to impact the global social issue of a health disparity due to poor hygiene. The video is a few years old so the numbers will certainly have increased a lot since then but they are impressive nonetheless.
Your activity for this week is to find a current example of a Corporate Cause Promotion for THREE of the six different circumstances listed above (and you can’t reuse the Hyatt example in case you were thinking of that!). First, look for examples from the global hospitality and tourism corporation or a competitor that you selected for your Case Study and CSR Plan. Whatever you find can be used in your plan later in the semester so COPY AND PASTE it in a folder for that purpose. If you don’t find something for your specific corporation then next go to your competitors (which you also mentioned in your Case Study). I’m mainly concerned that you get these concepts no matter what company you find is employing them in their CSR.
You can find one online, or maybe take a picture of an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, or perhaps you’ll see a poster/sign/tent card in a store window, in a restaurant, etc. The important thing is to find a DIFFERENT EXAMPLE for THREE of the six circumstances listed. Some of the examples (like the Hyatt example) may fit more than one circumstance, but you need to find a different example for each circumstance to show me that you understand each one.