Consumer Behaviour

1. Select a Consumer and a Product Category (Good or Service)
Find someone who is willing to participate in a series of interviews. Select a product category your consumer has recently purchased from. The product may be a consumer good or service, but you must have used an extended decision-making approach (and this should be typical of the decision).

2. Conduct the research as detailed in tutorials
Your tutorial guide takes you through a series of tasks you need to complete.
In order to complete these tasks, you will interview your consumer and you are also encouraged to use secondary sources of information, such as articles, information in textbooks, reports, etc. as appropriate. Be sure to reference secondary sources appropriately.

3. Develop a profile of your consumer segment
Each task, as noted in your tutorial guide, will lead you to a better understanding of your consumer segment, and you will need to communicate this knowledge in your assignment. However, do not feel restricted by the tutorial exercises. You may add additional information which you feel contributes to the profile. Overall, you should be asking yourself questions:
? What do the findings indicate about consumer behaviour?
? What does this contribute to the overall profile?
? How should I best describe this consumer segment?
? What do I need to know to guide my marketing decisions?

4. Consider recommendations for your own brand and product
Assume that your findings are representative of a large target market segment. Based on the profile you have developed consider what this would mean to a Marketing Manager for the product you have chosen. Ask yourself,
? What are the implications of this profile for the marketing mix within this product category for this particular market segment?
? In other words, if I am to sell my product, brand X, to this market segment, what should I do related to the product, price, place and promotion?

5. Structure and Write the Assignment
This assignment is to be written in a report format, as if you are submitting this to an employer.

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