Construction Robotics

Term papers should be technical in nature, appropriate for an audience knowledgeable in construction management.The length of the term paper should be about 5000 words (15 pages single column, single line spacing 12pt font, with 1-inch margins). The final term paper should have a title page(5 points)that includes:
•the title of the paper
•an abstract of about 300 words that summarizes the motivation for the work and the contributions made
•three to five keywords
The main content of the paper should at least include the following:
•Discuss the background and motivation of your work. •Summarize the research problem
•Summarize the proposed approach to the problem and the results
(2)Related work(15points)
•Discuss research related to yours and make comparison if there are closely related work.
(3) Your approach(20points)
•Describe your approach in detail. You may present your result in any way you want as long as you believe it’s convincing and clear.
(4)Validation of your approach(20points)
•Prove or demonstrate the effectiveness and/or efficiency of your approach. You may do this through theorems, experiments, etc.
(5)Conclusions and possible future work(15points)
•Summarize the conclusions of your work. Future work is optional.
(6)References(10 points)
•List all the citations referenced in your paper. (i.e., the reference not cited in the main text).

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