Computer and Microsoft Office Productivity-Mod 4

Complete the following instructions: attached below if the excel sheets that I need to make changes too.
Replace the title with your name
Calculate Total Enrollment for each location and the Grand Total
Calculate Percent of Total (Total Enrollment divided by Grand Total). Be sure to use absolute cell references.
Create a bar chart to show the data for each location. (Do not use any of the calculations.) Move the chart to its own sheet.
In cell D9, find the house payment using the PMT function and cell references.3
Using the data in column D, use the Goal Seek function to determine how many months it will take to save $5,500.4
Filter the data based on Social Statistics.5
Sort the data on Topic, and within Topic, sort on Sub Topic.6
Create a Pivot Table for Artist, Location, and Value. Let Excel decide where these fields will go. Have Excel put the table on a separate sheet.