Compare and contrast biological theories of crime with sociological theories of crime.

Compare and contrast biological theories of crime with sociological theories of crime. Specifically, discuss:

How these different sets of theories explain criminal behavior?
How are these theories alike?
How do they differ?

Paper Guidelines:
Write a research paper, APA format, that addresses the criteria above
An ABSTRACT is NOT required
Your title page and reference page DO NOT count as part of the page requirement
Minimum of THREE peer-reviewed scholarly and/or government sources outside of your textbook
You may also cite your textbook, but it does not count as one of your sources and your text can only supplement your research (it cannot be a significant focus of your paper)
Critical Analysis: In your paper, you must critically analyze your research. Do not overly use direct quotes; instead, summarize your research and cite your source, interpret the findings, and present logical arguments in support of your thesis.
Use subheadings to divide the sections of your paper

Tips for Writing your Research Paper:
Follow the rules of proper writing and format your paper with an introduction, body and conclusion
Include a clearly defined thesis at the end of the introduction
Use subheadings to divide the main sections of your paper
Use the SAMPLE APA 7th ed PAPER.pdf as a reference

Acceptable Sources to Site in your Research Papers:
Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
Approved Government Sources: For example: Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Justice Statistics, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) office, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Approved Police-Related Sources: National Police Foundation, Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), Police Chief Magazine

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