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21. Which statement by a patient demonstrates an accurate understanding about herbal supplements?
“Herbs may interact with prescribed medications but not other herbs.” “Most herbs have been tested and found to be safe and therapeutic.” “The Food and Drug Administration regulates herbs and allows advertising.” “There is no standardization among the manufacturers of herbs in this country.”22. For a patient with Crohn’s disease, the medical-surgical nurse recommends a diet that is:
high in fiber, and low in protein and calories. high in potassium. low in fiber, and high in protein and calories. low in potassium.23. When examining a patient who is paralyzed below the T4 level, the medical-surgical nurse expects to find:
flaccidity of the upper extremities. hyperreflexia and spasticity of the upper extremities. impaired diaphragmatic function requiring ventilator support. independent use of upper extremities and efficient cough.24. After completing a thorough neurological and physical assessment of a patient who is admitted for a suspected stroke, the medical-surgical nurse anticipates the next step in the immediate care of this patient to include:
administering tissue plasminogen activator. obtaining a computed tomography scan of the head without contrast. obtaining a neurosurgical consultation. preparing for carotid Doppler ultrasonography.25. The first step in applying the quality improvement process to an activity in a clinical setting is to:
assemble a team to review and revise the activity. collect data to measure the status of the activity. select an activity for improvement. set a measurable standard for the activity