Chilean Miners’ Crisis

In a minimum of 3 double-spaced pages, provide an overview of the Chilean Miners’ crisis. In your submission, be sure to address/answer all issues raised in Case Analysis 8.2, Cast Analysis 8.3, and Case Analysis 8.6.
A minimum of three (3) scholarly references (not including the text) are required for this submission. Your paper must be properly formatted in APA style.
*Title page and References page do not count in total page count.
Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference.
Case Analysis 8.2
1. identify some emotions that were present during the Chilean miners’ crisis.
2. Did any of the following emotional effects occur on individuals sensemaking?
Focusing of attention, distorting thinking, broadening thinking, Sustaining coping.

Case Analysis 8.3
During the Chilean miners’ crisis,
a. How did Golborne and his team make sense of the situation through their actions?
b. How did their actions change the crisis situation, either by escalating or defusing it?
Case Analysis 8.6
During the Chilean miners’ crisis:
a. Who were some stakeholders that were involved in sensegiving and shaping the narrative?
b. As a dominant narrative emerged, who were the victims, villains, and heroes in the situation?
c. The United States has an individualistic culture, while Chile’s culture is collectivistic. If you were a consultant from the United States who was hired to help Golborne and his team, what would be some cultural resources that you would consider as you communicated with them? See the Global Insight Box for some ideas.

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