Child Abuse

This written assignment has two parts:
Part I.

Foster care is a harsh reality for many children in our society. After reading Chapter 14, answer the following questions:
How is the effectiveness of Foster Care often inhibited?
What are the advantages of foster care?

What are some of the disadvantages?
What is the role of foster parents?
Part II. Explore the process of becoming a foster parent is in your community.

You can go online and search for either local or statewide information. Answer the following questions:
How long is the process?
What are the qualifications a person interested in becoming a foster parent must have?
Is there any training involved?

How long is the training process?
Overall, is the process simple or difficult to accomplish?
Please write approximately 5 pages, and use 1 inch margins as well as 12 point Times New Roman or 10 point Arial.

Please cite your sources using APA format. No abstract is needed.

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