Chapter Discussion Topics

At least 2 paragraphs. Please review the chapter ppt to answer the question. NO plag, no course here… must be relatable to course.Chapter 5. Market SegmentationDefine state-of-mind segmentation. Try to find an ad for a sport product or team that appeals to a state-of-mind segment.
Chapter 6. The Sport ProductTry your hand at a new product image, mark, or logo for the merchandise of your favorite sport organization.
What are the key elements of this image that you think will make it attractive to consumers?
How will you protect the value of your product?
Chapter 6. The Sport ProductProvide the example of failed sport product or organization in your mind.
Why do you think the company or agency failed sport marketing?
Chapter 7. Managing Sport BrandsLet’s say that Major League Baseball (MLB) has decided to put an expansion franchise in your city
What would be a good nickname for that team?
Chapter 7. Managing Sport BrandsWhat is the best way to develop the ‘Brand Equity’? and Why?
Why would that be a good nickname?
Chapter 8. Sales and ServiceResearch and provide a brief explanation of how nonsport companies use aftermarketing.
How could these practices be applied to sport organizations?