Chabad of Beverlywood

. Choose a synagogue or educational institution other than one of the synagogues we will visit virtually as a class and NOT one where you were raised, enrolled as a student, and/or currently attend. On or before Feb. 4, you’ll select a site to visit either in person (adhering to local COVID-19 guidelines) or virtually for your Field Study.

2. Speak with your instructor if you need suggestions of potential institutions to visit and to receive approval of your selected site.

3. Visit the synagogue or school in person (if this is allowed under local COVID-19 guidelines) or online to experience a religious service, class, program, or project. Arrange to interview the rabbi, head of school, or another leader of the institution (sample questions below) before or after your (virtual) experience. You will need to conduct at least two visits—virtual and/or in-person—in order to complete this assignment.

4. Following your visits, write a 9-10 page reflection paper that addresses these questions/ issues and any others that are relevant to your experience and this course. You may wish to include photos, videos, and/or links to the center’s media resources (if you visit in person, be sure to check beforehand to ensure that it’s ok to take photos and videos).

Style: Select the site you will visit either virtually or in-person and begin researching and outlining your paper early in the semester. Write this paper as a formal essay with a thesis, body, and conclusion that address the questions above. The style required for this class is CMS, MLA, or APA. Double-space your paper and use 12-point font. Cite references in-text according to CMS, APA, or MLA guidelines and put a bibliography at the end of your paper. Please do not exceed 10 pages of text for the essay and be sure to use Word (not Google docs) for the paper. Post a copy of your Field Study in the Assignments folder of Brightspace before class on April 15.

Formative assessment: Students are strongly encouraged to write a first draft of the paper and submit it on Brightspace five days prior to the assignment deadline. Prof. Diamond will provide written feedback in Brightspace. In addition, students may discuss their drafts during Zoom office hours or by appointment.

Summative assessment: Be sure to review the detailed set of essay rubrics used by the instructor to grade papers. A final Field Study grade is awarded based on the rubrics of argumentation, support, analysis, expression, and style. Students will receive written feedback on Brightspace.

Basic Information (short answers)

· Date and length of visit(s)
· Name and address of the institution
· Jewish denomination(s) represented
· When was the institution founded?
· What is the history of the institution?
· Is the institution part of a national or international association?
· What are the ethnic backgrounds of the members of the institution?
· Brief description of the congregation, school or institution (# member units or students, demographic composition)

Core Questions (the majority of the essay)

· What are the core tenets of the institution?
· What are the primary components of the service/program/class that you attended?
· What language(s) are used in the liturgy (if applicable)? Classes? Spoken by the members or students?
· What is the religious mission of the institution? How is this carried out in its programs?
· What is the educational philosophy of the institution? How is this carried out in its classes for adults? Children?
· How does the institution balance issues of Jewish tradition and modernity? Faith and reason?
· Does the institution have clergy (rabbi/cantor)? Educational director(s)? Professional staff? Volunteer leaders? Did they welcome and acknowledge you?
· What are the primary concerns of the institution’s leaders?
· What do the leaders and members believe are the institution’s unique contributions to the Jewish community? The community at large?
· What programs does the institution sponsor with other synagogues and Jewish organizations? Other faith communities?
· What impressed you the most about your experience(s)? What lessons did you learn about trends in Jewish life and thought?
· An additional question you choose to ask the rabbi/cantor/head of school, etc.

9 Pages double spaced, font size 12 TNR.

Link to site for synagogue^

Use other sources if necessary and please cite them in Chicago.

Please follow instructions thoroughly.

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