On a balmy Sunday morning in August 1628, almost the entire populace of Stockholm, Sweden turned out for the festivities surrounding the launch of the Vasa, the most powerful and ornamented vessel ever commissioned by his Excellency King Gustavus II Adolphus for the Royal Navy. No expense had been spared in the construction of this sophisticated modern warship, which cost more than 5% of the Swedish GNP to build. The finest shipbuilders and artisans had spent months constructing a vessel designed to strike fear in the heart of Sweden’s enemies. While still in the harbor, the crew set the sails of the Vasa. She immediately keeled over, with seawater pouring through the gun ports and over the decks. The Vasa sank to the bottom of Stockholm harbor, carrying fifty sailors to their grave. Complete MBA-level research and study the design, construction, and ultimate demise of the Vasa. Identify each group of “customers” in the Vasa project, what their competing needs were, and how you identified those needs. Thoroughly spell out the lessons regarding the management of technology innovation that might be gained from the Format: Your audience for this paper is practicing managers in your industry. The paper should use the style (e.g., Turabian) appropriate for a relevant, popular press publication and be approximately 2,000 words in length. Support your paper with references from assigned readings and independent research from the Regent Library databases

READ: Martin, Roger (2009). The Design of Business. Boston: Harvard Business School Press (ISBN: 978-1-4221-7780-7). Please read entire text.

VIEW: Maya Lin (<10 minutes).
VIEW: Malcolm Gladwell. Choice, happiness, and spaghetti sauce. (20 minutes).
VIEW: Tim Brown. A call for “design thinking”. (20 minutes).
VIEW: Sir James Dyson (20 minutes).
READ: Oster, G. (2008). Divining the need: Compensatory behavior of customers. Regent Global Business Review, 2(2), 14-18.Vasa, and how those lessons should be applied to modern-day corporations.

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