Business Policy and Managerial Skills

(Business Policy Questions 1 and 2)
Question 1:
Innovation takes an idea and converts it into a real game changer that could radically disrupt the current market space. How will companies take an idea and come up with a Radical Innovative Strategy to create and deliver a new product or service that crushes the competition? For this Discussion Thread, you are to describe an example of a product or service that a company put on the market that radically changed the landscape. The example may be Incremental or Radical Innovation.

Question 2:
Chapter 11 discusses the concept of Competitive Strategy. How companies evaluate their competition, the type of environment they compete in and a couple techniques to use in creating a Competitive Strategy. For this Discussion Thread you are to discuss the importance of a Competitive Strategy and provide an example of a Competitive Strategy that a company uses.

Managerial Skills I am attaching a worksheet that needs to be filled out.

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