Business Plan Proposal

Proposals come in many forms, from a 2-page proposal memo suggesting a change to internal company policy, to a 250-page formal proposal establishing a business relationship between two companies or establishing the timeline and procedures for completing a large-scale project. Proposals are also written when applying for grants or other funding. A business plan, for instance, is a specialized form of proposal often used to help obtain capital when starting or expanding a business. While some proposals may be unsolicited appeals to individuals or companies, others specifically reply to ongoing grants or one-time RFPs/CFPs (requests/calls for proposals) sent out by foundations, corporations, or government agencies. Even if the proposal goes unfunded, writing it impels you to develop your ideas, to conduct appropriate research, and improve your organizational and persuasive skills.

Proposals do attempt to persuade the reader of the viability of your ideas and plan for carrying them out. That idea could be opening a new company, starting a non-profit organization, or simply redesigning your office space. Although the audience for your proposal is the foundation, company, or individual who will approve the funding of your project, proposals are also written for yourself as well. Proposals lay out a plan for completing a project, describing how the authors will accomplish their goals, and they help authors assess during the project how well they are progressing toward these goals.

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