Budgeted rooms to be sold next year. 2. Budgeted Operational Income Statement.

00 for the next year with a 71% Occupancy rate. The hotel is open 365 days a year. The rooms department has a fixed wage cost with benefits of $178,000 per year. Variable costs are $4.75 per occupied room. The variable wage cost for housekeeping employees is $11.00 per hour and it takes 1hour to clean a room. The hotel has an 80 seat dining room. The dining room is only open for lunch and dinner. Lunch seat turnover is 1.5 with an average check of $8.50.Dinner seat turnover is 1.25 with an average check of $14.25. The dining room is open 365 days of the year for two meals. Direct dining room operating costs are $120,000.The Indirect expenses are $1,230,000. Calculate the operating profit (IBIT).Questions.
1.Budgeted rooms to be sold next year.
2.Budgeted Operational Income Statemen