Botany Question

Part 1 – Make a list of all the invertebrates observed and identify them to the levels above, include the characteristics that helped you classify. Use the gallery to find invertebrates and complete the worksheet in the link below it. Do not use other sources to classify.… –TIDEPOOL CREATURE GALLERY… — WORKSHEET
– General informative video exploring zones of S. CA tidepools–
– Use this guide Southern_California_Tidepool_Organisms_ID_sheet.pdf (Links to an external site.) and all the material that was given to you to identify the organisms.
Intertidal Life of Orange County.docx (Links to an external site.)
Tidepool Zones.gif
Part II – Choose 2 invertebrates from two different phyla to research. Read about them and summarize in 1-2 paragraphs (each) the following information:
1. What part of the tide zone they normally occupy?2. What are the challenges they face in this habitat?3. What are their special structural, physiological and behavioral adaptations to deal with those challenges?