Biol 180 week7

Use Assignment 2: The Outline to start preparing your presentation by outlining
your ideas. Flesh out that outline by identifying specific subject matter, photos and
videos you want to include. Storyboarding, a way of sequencing and organizing
your ideas for delivery in the presentation, is a great way to help with the process of
preparing a presentation. Here is a link on storyboarding:…
2. Organize your presentation in a logical sequence. Be consistent in your format (use
of titles, fonts, background, overall look from slide to slide). Use font types, sizes,
and colors that are easy to read.
3. Consider writing out your presentation first and practice your narration prior to
recording. Be sure to project your voice so it can be heard well, enunciate, and
pause where applicable. When recording your narration, be relaxed, don’t worry if
you stumble here or there, but you should rerecord if you have too many “errors” in
your run.
4. Proofread and review your final product to ensure it is the final product you are
prepared to present to the class and submit for grading.

5. Make sure all photos and videos are working if embedded into your presentation.
And a last note on citation….
6. Make sure all videos, photos, figures, graphs, or research are cited properly in your
a. HOW TO CITE AN IMAGE if you know the photographer’s name:

i. Photographer Last Name, First Initial (Photographer). (Year, Month
Day of Publication_. Title of Photograph [digital image]. Retrieved from
ii. Example: Smith, J. (Photographer). (2010, January 1). Title of Picture
[digital image]. Retrieved from
b. HOW TO CITE AN IMAGE if you do not know the photographer, the title or the
date of creation:
i. [Untitled illustration of topic]. Retrieved Month Day, Year from URL
ii. Example: [Untitled image of a running cat]. Retrieved January 1, 2010
i. Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. OR Author Screen Name.
(Year, Month Day of video post). Title of Video [Video file]. Retrieved
from URL

ii. Example: Smith, J.K. (2010, January 1). Title of Picture [Video file].
Retrieved from www.apus.ed