Bi Weekly #1

This assignment is intended to help you further develop your skills in reading comprehension, academic writing, critical skills and analytical skills. You will:

Engage critically with 2 or more of the weekly readings and present your sociological perspective on the themes covered in the texts.

Identify and articulate clearly the author’s argument/s and the material covered in the text.

Make your voice heard, don’t simply reiterate what the authors are saying. Discuss your thoughts, ideas, perspective, and insight of the readings. That being said, don’t monopolize the discussion around your opinions alone. Don’t sideline the written text, they are a critical and integral part of this assignment.

Use evidence from the readings to support your analysis whether you agree, disagree, and/or want to expand on the authors’ arguments and/or the examples and concepts covered in the literature.

Write a 2 – 3-page (450 words or more) double spaced 12pt font.

Use proper in-text citations following the ASA, APA, or MLA, format. You are not required to include a bibliography.

Make sure to meticulously check the percentage of your paper before submitting it. Papers cannot present more than 25% similarity on Turnitin. Papers that exceed 25% will not be accepted/graded.