Attack vector solutions

As new security threats are introduced, these countermeasures
must be evaluated and improved.
This is the final of four
sequential projects. In this project, you will investigate common types of
cyberattacks and possible solutions, evaluate the costs of implementing
identified countermeasures, and communicate the recommended solution to a
nontechnical audience.
You will present to management
the most likely attack vectors against your organization and suggest solutions
ranked by cost and effectiveness. You will also suggest how the mix of
identified state and nonstate actors should affect policy-maker decisions and
policy development for critical infrastructure protection.
There are 14 steps in this
project. In this project you will only focus to the last step which is the 14th
to develop a narrated slide presentation of 16 to 20 slides the other steps
will provide you just details you need to know to succeed in this presentation
. The narrated presentation need audio on each slide. the organization you will
use for this presentation is
CAREFIRST Bluecross Blueshield.
The title of the presentation is cybersecurity recommendation presentations