Assistive Technology and Learning Disabilities

Analyze three assistive technology tools/devices that address the same area of
need (e.g., reading, writing, speech, math, hearing assistance, or vision
assistance).  For each device, address the following in your evaluation:

Identify the price of the device, how to purchase it, the licensing fee,
required training, and additional required materials (software, apps,
adapters, etc.)
Identify the age, grade, or specific population for whom this technology
would be most appropriate and explain why.
Evaluate the technique /device according to its advantages or
disadvantages in addressing challenges within the designated area(s) of
Application: Explain how it can applied individually or class-wide as a
UDL tool, and if it is transportable (i.e., can also be used from home).
Comparison  Complete
a cost/benefit analysis to compare and contrast all three devices. 
Make sure to include any additional purchases needed for these devices
(e.g., apps for an iPad).
Critique What
are the pros and cons of each AT device?
could each device be improved to appeal to a wider population?
you had to suggest just one technology/device to your administrator for
purchase, which would it be and why? Consider factors such as AT for an
individual and a whole class/school purchase.
How would you design an evaluation to determine the
effectiveness of each technology/device over one school year?
Your evaluation should be four to six pages in length,
excluding title and reference pages, or you may choose to create a PowerPoint presentation
that is 20 to 25 slides.