artistic production of women artists in 17th c

This project focuses on the careers and artistic production of women artists in 17th c. Italy.
Choose one artwork studied in this module and one of the questions below. Be sure to choose an artwork that will help you answer your chosen question.

· What barriers did women artists face? Choose an artwork that demonstrates barriers faced by women and how they overcame them.
· What challenges did women face finding patrons? What strategies did they use to market their art? Choose an artwork that demonstrates some of the unique challenges faced by women in the art world of 17th c. Italy.
· Choose a self-portrait and answer the question: what is the role of the self-portrait in the self-fashioning of women artists? How did women artists use self-portraiture to convey ideas about art?
· Choose an artwork that allows you to discuss the question: does gender play a role in the creation and reception of artworks?
· The lives of women artists: What is the role of the female artist’s life story in the creation of your chosen artwork?
· Pose your own question – check with me first
I suggest the following structure for your video:
· Have an engaging title that previews your chosen question
· Introduce your question, the artwork, the artist, your answer to the question (your thesis), and how you are going to answer it (i.e. the structure of your video)
· Answer the question using visual evidence and your research
· Conclude by restating the question and summarizing your answer

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